Run Fat a**

My boyfriend (J) and I went out for a run yesterday. He got home and after our daily after-work snuggle we both got up, put workout clothes on, put our sneakers on, stretched, and started running.


About ten minutes into our run a car passes by and the driver yells: “Run fat a**”. J and I kept running quietly. Less than a minute passes and he says “I think he was talking about me.” I responded “That guy must be really fun at parties”, to which he replied “at least it’s motivational”.

I am not sure what prompted this guy to tell us that. Was his point to make us self conscious? To point out the fact that we shouldn’t run because we do not look like athletes? I’m pretty sure it was, but was his point to be motivational? To inspire us to run longer, and faster? I don’t think that occurred to him.

Beyond the fact that the guy in the car made this comment, throughout our run I kept thinking about the motives behind such a comment. Why were we being put down? We are trying to live a much healthier life and a complete strange says that? Why couldn’t he be more sympathetic? Why not say something nice? Or why say anything at all?

Dear guy in the black car, your comments are unnecessary, but you are right. We are two happy fat a**es that will continue to run because we actually enjoy it. But unlike you, we don’t mean to offend anyone. We just live and let live, and you should do the same. I hope you made it safely wherever you were meant to go, and I truly hope that at some point during your drive you thought that what you had done wasn’t the nicest thing to do.

As for us, we’ll be running on the same street today, next week, and the following week.

Be kind to one another,



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