Weekend Inspiration


This weekend it’s a very heavy one for us. We will be busy almost all the time.

Tonight we’ll be going to the kids school, they have a family day and they will have different games, bounce houses, prizes, and food. We didn’t attend last year, but we will definitely go tonight. I will also be volunteering at one of the game booths, so that should be fun!

Saturday we will be up around 6 am and we will be going to bed probably on Sunday. J is helping his best friend move, while I will be attending and ┬áparticipating at the opening ceremony for the First Coast Games by the YMCA (if you’d like more information click here). Then we’ll be getting pretty and fancy for one of my friend’s wedding. Expect pictures of all these events!

Then Sunday we’ll be saying “see you later” to a friend of ours who is moving out of the country. We will be really tired on Sunday after running around on Saturday, but we must attend.

I am happy that this weekend will be full of just good memories. It will be very busy, but those memories will last a life time.

Do you have something planned for this weekend? Share it with me!

Be kind,



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