Wednesday Wishlist – 4.29.15


1. I’ve been in love with this beautiful dress for a few months now, I just feel like I could wear it to a party, on date night, to pick up the kids at school, to do dishes, while cooking, and I would still feel like a princess! Find it here.

2. I love these type of chairs. I think they are chic and go beautifully with any kind of decor. I just need one to sit on it and read all the time. This chair is from Anthropologie.

3. I live in Florida and lately it’s been raining almost every day. I’m usually wearing skirts or slacks, and these would be perfect for our weather. Find these beautiful Joules rain boots here.

4. The last book I added to my to read list was “Where They Found Her” by Kimberly McCreight. If you need a new mystery novel to read, this would be a good fit.

5. Something that I absolutely adore are Triceratops. I don’t know why, but I just love them and also collect them. So imagine my joy when I found these on etsy. Btw, this shop has lots of animal related jewelry, so if you are not into Triceratops like I am, you will still find something for that animal lover in your life. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is around the corner and all of these would be perfect for a beautiful mom!

Be Happy,



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