Marvel and Disney, You Have Disappointed My Daughter.

Yesterday we went to Target looking for several things, including a Thor t-shirt for my daughter.

4 years ago she fell in love with him, in her eyes there is (was) no better super hero and I cannot say that I blame her. We have bought different Thor action figures and posters for her. However it is really hard to find anything Thor related. I remember when “Thor: Dark World” premiered, we took her to the movies, and I really wanted to get her her own Mjölnir, but couldn’t find one anywhere.

Going back to yesterday, we found a shirt with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor on it, and that’s what we had to settle for. I found the shirt in the boys section, which takes me to my next topic… We found NOTHING related to Black Widow, Maria Hill, nor Scarlet Witch.

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We had watched “Avengers: Age of Ultron” the day before, and in one of the scenes Maria Hill is explaining to Captain America what powers Scarlet Witch had, and after Maria had given Captain this long description, he just stared at her blankly to which she responded “she’s weird”. I think that’s the moment something in my daughter’s head click because she whispered to me “I like Scarlet Witch”.

My boyfriend and I have been very supporting of my kids “weirdness” because we don’t see anything wrong with them. My daughter is always saying something off the wall, she always has a funny comment, she likes to wear socks that do not match… Etc, etc. I am all for her weirdness and her girl power. I believe that they are capable of doing whatever they think they can do, and support them to do so, yet it’s really hard to do so, when female super heroes are no where to be found.

I went on a rant on my Facebook yesterday….

Dear Marvel, Marvel Kids, and Walt Disney Studios:
Two things: Number one your lack of Thor clothing products for boys and girls doesn’t make sense. My daughter, an avid Thor fan cannot find a shirt at Target that has her favorite super hero. Number two where are Black Widow, Maria Hill, and Scarlett Witch? I do not consider myself a feminist because I do not think equality needs a name, but I do think girls are more than princesses and damsels in distress, we are warriors, superheroes, and can save the world just like any other guy.

I have seen other articles about the lack of Black Widow’s presence in the toys and clothing department, and I think that someone at Marvel and Disney will have a meeting and think how much this is affecting them economically and how much more potential they could have. I would like to think they are going to make a change based on the reasons mentioned above.

Be Kind,



2 thoughts on “Marvel and Disney, You Have Disappointed My Daughter.

  1. Id assume there is none of those characters on a shirt because they arent popular enough to warrent a tshirt? Honestly they wouldnt sell and I cant blame them for not attempting it. There are literally thousands of heros and villians that dont have tshirts.. If you are after a particular shirt, try a tshirt site like teefury or tee turtle.


  2. I think the point is more to show the companies that own the characters that there is demand for these products. If enough people speak out, maybe they’ll see that the characters are popular enough to get more merchandise devoted to them.

    I like sites like Ript tees and teefury, but this seems like a missed opportunity for officially licensed products to be made.


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