Dark Places – Book Review

I have read Sharp Objects and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and I expected a little more out of Dark Places.

After reading those two books, my opinion of Gillian, is that one, she really knows how to spook you out without the need of anything paranormal, and two, her mind is really messed up!


The book isn’t necessarily bad, it is entertaining and it still has its “What is going on” feel to it. You really want to find out what happened, but I felt that it took to long to get there. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Flynn’s other books, because I already had something in mind of what to expect of her and I didn’t get it as much as I thought I would have. So, if you have not read any of her books, I recommend staring with this one, then Sharp Objects and ending with Gone Girl.

Short Synopsis

The book develops around Libby Day and her family, or what is left of it. Libby’s family was killed under strange circumstances. Libby being very little when this happens takes the stand and says it was her brother, Ben, the one that committed the crime. Many years later she is contacted by a group of people (fanatics) who believe Ben didn’t commit the crime and ask her to get more information. During this time she reconnects with her abusive, drug addict, and alcoholic dad, she meets people from Ben’s past who were with him the night of the murders, and reconnects with things from her past that she thought she would never let in again.

Happy reading,



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