Weekend Inspiration


I bought my house three years ago, and it was the best purchase I have ever made. I bought it at the right time, when prices where really low (specially in Florida), it was in great condition even though it was a foreclosure, and I bought it at the right age for me. By the time I’m 50, the house will be close to being paid off.

Since the house was in such a good condition, I didn’t do much to it right away. I changed the kitchen sink, one of the toilets, painted some of the rooms, and that was it. Little by little, I have been changing other things, like painted the front door, painted the kitchen, painted the laundry room… But this weekend we’ll be doing a huge renovation. The spare (kids) bathroom!

We are painting the walls a gray color, we are changing the vanity, the medicine cabinet, the light fixtures, and the floors. And we are doing it ourselves!


We have never taken such a huge project, even though the bathroom it’s kind of small, but it has been fun going to the store and getting the things together, so I think it will be amazing to see it all put together!

Our house it’s already a home, it’s the most beautiful place in our eyes and I wish I could spend more time in it; but making it look pretty, will add to the charm of it.

What is your weekend inspiration?

I hope you have a great weekend!



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