Bare Republic Sunscreen – Review

I have learned the hard way that the use of sunscreen in my moisturize/make up routine is a must.

A few years ago I noticed I got a lot of freckles and dark spots, then my daughter got a spot on her face that is lighter than the rest of her face… All because of the sun. I immediately realized we needed to use sunscreen all the time, not just when we’re at the pool or the beach. Sunscreen is a must!

Sunscreen is the first thing I apply before my moisturizer, it is also part of my kids’ routine. They cannot leave the house without applying sunscreen.

So when I got this sunscreen in my May ipsy bag, I got really excited, because I love trying out products that I know I will use, and so far I love it.


When I first applied it, it came out really “liquidy” because I forgot to shake it, however once I applied it, it was so smooth and almost like a matte texture. Unlike other sunscreens, Bare Republic’s sunscreen does not leave a greasy appearance nor leaves white marks on your skin. According to my sample it is a natural mineral sunscreen, completely chemical-free, which it’s always a plus. It is also waterproof for up to 40 minutes which it’s a fair amount of time to go ahead and reapply another layer of sunscreen after you’ve been in the pool.


I usually like to use something higher than 30 SPF, but since this is what came in my ipsy, I couldn’t control that, however they do have 3.4 oz 50 SPF bottle at Target for $14.99 (the size I got was .34 oz). I definitely recommend this product and I’ll be buying more of it.

If you’re looking for a new sunscreen, or just browsing through the store and see, I say grab it.

Be kind,



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