1. I am not very fond of the color brown, however I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of black wedges that I can wear with a dress, and I think I have found them. These beauties can be found here.

2. I love giraffes, I think they are just gentle, extraordinary and adorable, so what better way to celebrate my love for giraffes, than this beautiful necklace from an adorable shop from etsy! Super affordable too!

3. This book goes along with the book I am reading right now (Neil Patrick Harris, choose your won autobiography). Joss directed NPH in Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and has also directed Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron which have made the world fall in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think learning more about Joss would help my own imagination. Buy it here.

4. How about another girly dress? In case you don’t know I am obsessed with dresses that are cute and appropriate to wear to work and this one it’s gorgeous and cheap! Find it here.

5. Since we are still working on the spare bathroom, I have not picked some of the accessories for the bathroom. I just found these, and I think they would go perfect with my gray tiles and light blue walls. Check them out.

Happy Hump Day,



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