Weekend Inspiration


I heard today that most people stop trying out new things when they turn 25. I don’t think there is a reason, but they just don’t.

I understand people have their fears, whether it is to fly, or they are afraid of heights, or roller coasters, or whatever. I’ve been there. I used to hate going in elevators, they make me dizzy, uncomfortable, and very nervous. I used  be afraid of needles as well, I am not sure why, but they just made me queasy. However, I have tried to confront these fears and have succeeded…

To work on my fear of needles was really “easy”. I always wanted to have a tattoo and I knew that if I wanted to get one, I would have to get rid of that fear, so I started donating blood. Relating needles to something good made it better for me. I would have to get pricked by this metal object, but the result was going to be good. I am not sure how much blood I have donated, but I go very often. And I got my tattoo(s).

With my fear of elevators, I was forced to find a job where I had to go up 23 floors. There were stairs, but I am lazy (working on it), so I was forced. Don’t get me wrong, I usually look at the floor so I don’t feel much of the ride, but it’s gotten easier.

This week I tried something new, which may sound silly for some, but it was a great experience. I got to play softball for the very first time in my life.

20150526_213154 20150526_213156

I am by no means athletic, I’m trying, but I am nowhere near my desired shape or health condition, but I am working on it. So playing a sport I have no idea how to play, I don’t know its rules, and it was in a competitive matter made me very scared, but my team believed in me. We didn’t win, but I did get to play and even had a run. I tried, and would love to do it again. Maybe with more training and less pressure, but I am up for it.

So, my weekend inspiration is try something new. Figure out what it is that something that you may not be comfortable with, or that you always wanted to do and do it! Or at least plan it! You may actually enjoy it.

By the way, I am still afraid of spiders.

Have a great weekend,



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