1. I love testing out products that have to do with my face. My mom told me this would happen a long time ago, but of course I didn’t believe her. She said “you’ll start taking care of your skin around 25”; she was shy by a few years but here I am trying out anything that would help me look radiant. Here is this mask by DERMAdoctor that will help you detox your skin.

2. I think this is going to be the next book I buy when I go to the bookstore. It’s about a girl (Laurel) who has a class project of writing a letter to a dead person. Through this process we get to know more about Laurel and what is going on during this time of her life.

3. Things I love: Shoes and a good deal. How about these beautiful shoes by Jessica Simpson. It is definitely hard to pull them off because of the pattern, but a dress that needs a pop of color, or some black jeans would pair well with them!

4.I love finding little things that are just cute and delicate… How about this adorable necklace/pendant? It looks fun and cute! Find it here.

5. And last, but definitely not least, my favorite piece for this week! This picture doesn’t do much for me, BUT you definitely need to check out this piece on the website. It’s perfect for any occasion. It gives you enough flirty, girly, and professional (if wore with a cardigan over it). It’s just perfect.

Any pieces you want to share?

Be kind,



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