Weekend Inspiration


Last night I shared with my kids a movie that left me with memories for life, Jurassic Park. Obviously the Jurassic World craze influenced in my decision of having a movie night in the middle of the week, but we also made it special eating IMG_20150611_184144dinosaur chicken nuggets (eat dinosaurs while you watch dinosaurs eat people). While we were watching the movie I kept thinking about how much the movie meant to me at the time. It was a way to fall in love with dinosaurs (in case you missed it, I love Triceratops), to be scared of them, but also to wonder how it would be to just walk around with them. The movie impacted my imagination a lot.

My weekend inspiration is to share with your little ones those things in your childhood that made a difference. To take them to places that made a difference to you, to play with them those childhood games that may not be popular anymore, to watch movies that made an impact in your life when you were younger. Make those memories come back to you, and make new memories for and with them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Be kind,



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