Rocksbox – REVIEW

I think I may be late to the party, but I discovered Rocksbox this month and I am so excited! In case you don’t know, Rocksbox is a subscription box that will send you tree pieces of jewelry (a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet) for only $19. Once you have tried the pieces, you can either return them (and get a new box), or purchase them for a lower price than the actual retail price.

I got my first box this week, I wasn’t necessarily mesmerized by it, but it still had lovely pieces… Here’s a peek of my box and what I think of the pieces.


The pieces I got are very pretty, but they are very delicate. I think if I had a wedding or a fancy party to go to, I would have loved them a little more than I did, but I didn’t. I am not saying the pieces are bad, it’s just that I couldn’t appreciate them as much as I could have.


I got a beautiful pair of earrings by Kendra Scott. They are the Alex Silver Earrings in Slate. I think these beauties could be worn to a party or to work. They are definitely pretty. They had enough sparkle to make them suitable for any occasion. On Kendra Scott’s website these earrings are $65.00 and they come in multiple colors, however with Rocksbox they are $44.00.


The next piece is by Lotus Jewelry Studio. It’s the Petal Necklace in silver. I wasn’t very impressed by it. It is very delicate,but I thought it was missing something. I think if the petal was a leaf instead it would look much prettier and much more alluring than a petal. It just felt empty.This necklace is $58 on their website, but $44 for Rocksbox.


The last item I got was this gold bracelet. Very delicate, like the rest of the pieces. It’s great if used by itself, because if used in a whole arm party, it would get completely lost. This is the Gorjana Taner Loop Chain Bracelet in Gold (it also comes in Rose Gold). The price for Rocksbox insiders is $48 compared to the $60 in Gorjana’s.

Here are how the pieces looked when I wore them.


I’m packing these today and shipping them back. Let’s see how what I get on the next box.

If you’d like to try out Rocksbox for one month free follow this link and enter the code MONICABFF163.

Be kind,



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