Inside Out – Review

Pixar Post - Inside Out Sneak Peek Character Lineup

Warning: This post has spoilers.
Congratulations Disney Pixar, you have made another movie that has made me cry.
Pixar has a way of making movies that even though their target is for children, can relate to both kids and adults.
Inside Out is the story about 11 year old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) who since the beginning has been very Joyfull about her life thanks to her little voice in her head Joy (Amy Poehler) who is pretty much the one in charge of her head. Joy is also accompained with other voices like Fear (Bill Hader), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) who help Riley make the right decision when they are needed, however most of the time Joy takes charge because she feels Riley needs to be happy.
Long story short, after a mishap with Sadness in which she touches one of Riley’s core memories which throws Riley’s personality off balance, Joy and Sadnes are forced out of Head Quarters to fix the issue with the core memories.
During this time Sadness and Joy meet other characters and Joy learns a very valuable lesson. It is impossible to be happy all the time. Sadness is as necessary as she is.
It’s right there where all adults go, this is as much of an adult movie as a children’s movie.
One, if you were a child, which I hope you still are, at some point in your life you went (and maybe going still) through circumstances that whether you wanted to make the best out of everything, you still couldn’t… And it is totally fine. Two, it helps children understand that same concept and watching it at a young age, makes it even better. Makes it more acceptable. And three, it’s accepting that while you may be sad, it is okay to be angry, be afraid, and maybe disgusted with some things.
Inside Out is still funny, still touching, but make sure you have tissues with you when you go watch it.

I hope you enjoy it,



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