Wednesday Wishlist – 6.24.15


1. If there is something I love are watches, but this one is so different that I just fell in love with it! The name of this Fossil is Curiosity, and it fits so well! You are definitely curious to see how it works, how it runs, and it’s just mesmerizing. Definitely worth it to have in a watch collection.

2. You’ll find out soon enough how much I love Disney. But Disney that you can wear? I love it even more! How about these beautiful Vans Authentics. I picked the ones that feature the Princesses, however there are different ones: Ariel, Jasmine, Donald Duck, Winnie The Pool. A great way to wear your Disney passion.

3. I cannot have enough lipsticks, and what better than lipstick and cheek coloring. This product is by RMS beauty and it comes in eight different colors. It isn’t a drug store buy, but I have read wonderful reviews about it.

4. Tulle, flowers, and a skirt. What could be more chic than this adorable skirt by Shabby Apple. Another great buy for date night.

5. I went full nerd when I saw this cutie! I never knew I wanted a plant so much until I saw it planted in a Triceratops. Very affordable, and just dorky and cute enough. I can’t wait to add this one to my Triceratops collection. (If you’d like a different kind of plant, the store owner would gladly help you with a costume plant.)

Be kind,



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