The Great Gatsby – Book Review

Growing up outside of the USA puts me in at a disadvantage when it comes to lots of things that I could relate to, but unless someone mentions it to me, I wouldn’t have an idea (bands, movies, books, you get the idea). It is not with everything, but certain things… Like The Great Gatsby.


It wasn’t part of my High School curriculum, like it is for most teenagers so I didn’t have the “pressure” to read it, or work on projects, or do any other kind of research. I just went to my local bookstore, and bough a copy (which unfortunately has the “now a major motion picture” label on it).

As small as it is, only 180 pages, it wasn’t an easy read for me. There was A LOT going on, lots of pointless conversations, lots of parties, lots of characters that will not be seen later on, etc. However when it got to just a few of the characters, and a specific event, it got really interesting and immediately picked up.

I can see why F. Scott Fitzgerald was so criticized when the book was published and why at the time it didn’t have a much influence as it does today. I can also see why it became the great novel that did. It’s about living the American dream, it’s about falling in love at the wrong time, and it’s about knowing that nothing it’s perfect.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Be kind,



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