Que Bella Mask(s) – Review

Sunday evening we were walking around Target and like always we were looking around for things that Target has. A few months ago I got a face mask in my ipsy bag and my daughter begged me to let her try it; at the time I said no (because it was the only one I had) but I told her I would let her try one day… Fast forward to Sunday we stopped by the make up section  and she saw the skin related products and her eyes landed on these pretty packages:


What do you say when your little girl, who makes you cereal every morning, wants to spend time with you in the most girly way possible? “Grab a packet.”.

So we picked these two, the relaxing one for her and the deep cleansing one for me. I figured I wouldn’t have her try something that may affect her skin in a harsh way.

We headed home with our little packets, had dinner, cut up some cucumbers and settled for our at-home-spa-treatment.

IMG_20150628_202742As we laid on my bed for 15 minutes, listening to One Direction, and holding hands, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it is to have her… She was so quiet and happy. But I digress.

So I am not sure how the relaxing mask felt. She said it felt cool and itchy, but I think it was more related to the fact that she had something on her face that she wanted to mess with. Her mask had lavender oils, seaweed and Dead Sea mud. (read more here). Mine on the other hand, I bought it because I’ve been breaking out a lot and I don’t usually put on anything on my zits, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to try something that would help… And it did. It reduced the redness and any inflammation I had. Also, 4 days later I have not had any new breakouts. *knocks on wood*. My skin felt flawless afterwards and it also left it with a matte feeling, which I love (read about its ingredients here). Needless to say, I totally recommend them!

Each of these little packages is under $2 and there are different kinds which you can find at Target or Que Bella‘s website.




5 thoughts on “Que Bella Mask(s) – Review

  1. I love these masks! The Purity one (it has tea tree oil and witch hazel) is really good for break outs!! This post makes me one to do one after the gym tonight!!

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