Weekend Inspiration


I have been ignoring something for quite a while and now I don’t know how much it will take to get it repaired.

My car is been making this noise. I am not sure what it is, but I know it isn’t good. I’ve been saying that I will take care of it, but I haven’t yet. I can probably blame it on money, but it’s mostly the fact that there have been other things that I wanted to do other than taking the car to the mechanic.

Tomorrow morning I am waking up early and taking it to get it checked, but I am afraid that it will be costly. Much more than what it could have been if I would have taken the car in when I should have.

Fixing the car is simple, it only costs money. Yes, yes, money is hard to earn and is even tougher to spend on something you don’t want to spend it in, but what if it was a friendship? A relationship?

This weekend my inspiration is to stop ignoring things that matter to me. The car matters because I cannot relay in public transportation to go places. I have to get it fixed. However, I also haven’t talked to my best friend in months… We need to fix this. I need to stop ignoring the fact that we are too caught up with other things that we don’t have time to work out our friendship.

Whatever it is that you may have been ignoring, and in the back of your head there is that little voice saying “You should pay attention to THAT” work on it. See what it is… and try to fix it. Things that need money to be fixed are easy to sort out… There are other things that may never be completely fine if you don’t pay attention to them.

Have a great weekend,



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