Plant Nanny

One of my goals about getting healthier is to drink more water. I truly enjoy drinking water, and when it comes to my options to quench my thirst 9 times out of 10 I pick water. However, life gets busy and I forget to drink as much as I should. Until now…

I found Plant Nanny on my app store and I love it so far.


You begin your adventure with a tiny little seed that will become a beautiful plant depending on how much water you drink. It asks you how much you weight and then it gives you a goal about how many ounces you must drink per day (take your weight, divided in half = the amount you should drink).


Plant nanny lets you customize the kind of container you drink out of and it lets you customize how many ounces you usually drink out of such container. What I love the most about the app is that it reminds you every hour or so (depending on your own choice) that you must drink your water.


At the end you end up with a beautiful plant that gives you seeds every 19 hours and you can spend them buying new pots for your plants, or backgrounds of your like.

Be healthy,



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