Weekend Inspiration

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It has been hard to explain why I have loved Harry Potter so much. I also know it isn’t easy to understand from other’s perspective. But when you are 10 years old and a book teaches you about friendship, love, death, bravery, and self acceptance it is very easy to fathom that magic isn’t really just a work of fiction. Magic is everywhere whether you call it by that name or not.

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For that I am thankful that a wonderful woman decided to let me into this wonderful world and explained through her work how beautiful life can be, and most of all, she explained through her characters that best person you can be is who you truly are. Weird and all.
Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling and Happy Birthday Harry!

With that said, my inspiration for this weekend it’s to just be myself. Enjoy everything that makes Mó, Mó.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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