My Running Bibs

If you have done a 5k, 10K, 15K, etc (or are planning to…) you have probably gotten a pretty little piece of paper with the number you had during the run, most of the times a timing chip and maybe other information, like the name of the run, or the date.

What to do with this piece of paper?


For me my first 5K was the moment I realized I could do better. The moment I realized that running wasn’t horrible… It was actually fun. But most important it was the day I realized that I was too young to be tired so quick.

These pieces of paper mean a lot to me. They meant that I need to be healthy, I have too much to lose if I don’t take care of myself. These pieces of paper remind me of that, they remind me that I need to stay healthy and that I can also do better.

I keep them in my closet and look at them every day while I am getting ready and I get inspired to keep running. On the back of each I like to write the name of the run (since some of them don’t have it on the front), the date, and my total time for such run. Once in a while I take them down and review my times and think of how I could do better.

Do you have any bibs? What do you do with them?

Stay inspired,



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