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Hi! I am Mó!

That’s not my real name, but I never got used to being called by my name, and this is my favorite nickname…

But enough about me, I actually want to tell you the reason why I decided to start a blog. 2014 was a little of an enlightening year for me. I didn’t want to dress the same I’m used to, I didn’t want to look the same way I’ve always looked, I didn’t want to act the same way I usually act… You get my drift. I wanted to improve myself. I have improved my wardrobe, but I’m not there yet. I improved my skin care, but I’m not there yet. I read a lot of books, but not as many as I wanted to. I exercise more, but not enough, again, you know where I’m going.

My point is, we will never get there. We don’t have enough time. AND THAT’S GOOD. We have to visit places, we have to read things, we have to work on ourselves, and even though we won’t do it all, it is fine, as long as you start and try.

So this is what my blog is about. It’s about learning how to put all those thoughts about bettering myself, working on them, and I’ll show you the results. And some surprises on the way.

And about me, I have two wonderful kids, who I am sure you’ll see around, and I am also in a wonderful relationship with my soul-mate, which I am sure will make you sick to read about.


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