Enjoy Etsy – 8.12.15

I’ve decided to change my Wednesday wish list for Enjoying Etsy. I love Etsy and I think it’s a great way to find something unique and perfect for everyone.

With that said… Here’s my first Enjoy Etsy.


Gold Spike Necklace – I think what caught my attention is how much this resembles the Batman Dark Knight symbol and my geekiness took over. It is delicate enough for no one to think what I thought, but it is geeky enough for another geek to think the same thing.

When in Doubt, Put a Bow on it – Here are two things that I love together, mugs and bows! Created by fellow blogger The Trendy Sparrow this cutie is currently on SALE! If that doesn’t make it any better, I don’t know what would.

Fitbit Matisse Cuff – They make accessories for your Fitbit!? I’m sold! I nearly ever take off my Fitbit, but I do wish sometimes it didn’t look so plain… Well, here’s the answer to my prayers. This beautiful cuff also comes in silver, and if you don’t like this specific cuff, there are plenty others to choose from! It’s a little steep, but as long is durable I think it’s totally worth it.

I hope you have enjoyed my selection today!

Happy Shopping,




The last few weeks have been very chaotic.

First, after writing about how I needed to take my car to the shop I finally did it and I ended up paying much more than I probably should have… They also told me my car needed some extra work and the total was close to $2,500. J talked to me and told me that if we were going to spend this much in a car, it would be better to just go ahead and get a newer car. Since my (old) car was paid off, it was worth much more to just go ahead and trade it in while it was possible to get some money back. So after paying what was necessary to keep my (old) car running, applying for a new loan, and going car shopping, I finally settled for a beautiful Mazda 6. At first it was bittersweet, because I loved my Camry, but moving onto something that shouldn’t give me as many issues as my (old) car, felt better. Changes are impossible to prevent, but changes for the better must be taken with open arms.

The second chaotic thing that happen to us was during our short vacation. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post about it, but I have been thinking about how much I need to talk about it (I’ll get to that point soon). While we were at the happiest place on Earth, J got a call to let him know he will have 60 days on his current position and then he will be displaced. We have gone down this route twice now, thankfully this time it’s just him and not both of us… Last time it was both of us at the same time.

The third thing, not so chaotic, but a change nevertheless. I promised I would donate my hair to Children With Hair Loss if my team at work could raise enough money to make a child’s dream come true. Sure enough they did and I donated 13″ of my hair. It’s been slightly  difficult to get used to my short hair, BUT it was definitely worth it because there will be a child who will enjoy my hair probably more than I did.

20150724_120730 20150724_142831-1

After thinking about it, and seeing how little I’ve been posting, I realized how stressed I am. I had lots of changes in my life and even though some aren’t big, they still affected me. I thought I was okay with change, but I see that I am not.

So after a long night on Friday, when I cried and cried thinking about what is next, I realized that I needed to let go, mostly the whole job ordeal with J. I have been accustomed to my (new) car, that didn’t take much. I have endless possibilities with my hair. I’m still stuck with just straight for now, but I’m trying out products to see what would work well (recommendations, anyone?). When it came to J’s job I took the “I need to be positive” road until I couldn’t do it any more. It is scary. We have a mortgage, a new car payment, plenty of other bills, and more important two children and a cat. We have a lot to worry about and just thinking positive wasn’t working. I don’t have any doubts that he is more than capable of getting a job, but it’s unknown and it’s unsettling. I broke down, and I needed to do so. I still think he’ll get a job in no time, but in order to be positive I also needed to freak out a little.

I know I haven’t been consistent with the blog, but as you can see this is why, but I am trying to get back at it and hopefully soon I’ll be able to report some good news.

See you guys later,


My Running Bibs

If you have done a 5k, 10K, 15K, etc (or are planning to…) you have probably gotten a pretty little piece of paper with the number you had during the run, most of the times a timing chip and maybe other information, like the name of the run, or the date.

What to do with this piece of paper?


For me my first 5K was the moment I realized I could do better. The moment I realized that running wasn’t horrible… It was actually fun. But most important it was the day I realized that I was too young to be tired so quick.

These pieces of paper mean a lot to me. They meant that I need to be healthy, I have too much to lose if I don’t take care of myself. These pieces of paper remind me of that, they remind me that I need to stay healthy and that I can also do better.

I keep them in my closet and look at them every day while I am getting ready and I get inspired to keep running. On the back of each I like to write the name of the run (since some of them don’t have it on the front), the date, and my total time for such run. Once in a while I take them down and review my times and think of how I could do better.

Do you have any bibs? What do you do with them?

Stay inspired,


Weekend Inspiration

Untitled picture

It has been hard to explain why I have loved Harry Potter so much. I also know it isn’t easy to understand from other’s perspective. But when you are 10 years old and a book teaches you about friendship, love, death, bravery, and self acceptance it is very easy to fathom that magic isn’t really just a work of fiction. Magic is everywhere whether you call it by that name or not.

Screenshot_2015-07-31-09-35-27-1 Screenshot_2015-07-31-09-35-34-1 Screenshot_2015-07-31-09-35-49-1
For that I am thankful that a wonderful woman decided to let me into this wonderful world and explained through her work how beautiful life can be, and most of all, she explained through her characters that best person you can be is who you truly are. Weird and all.
Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling and Happy Birthday Harry!

With that said, my inspiration for this weekend it’s to just be myself. Enjoy everything that makes Mó, Mó.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Short Vacation

J and I have many things in common but the one that we enjoy the most is going to Walt Disney World. Our first date was to Magic Kingdom, and I know this isn’t the norm since most of the time when a couple go to their first date is to get to know each other, we had a friendship of 4+ years before our first date.

It was one of the best days of my life, and since then we’ve had annual passes, until last year. For some crazy reason we decided to skip the year and have annual passes to Universal. We love rides and I am a huge Harry Potter fan so it made sense to try something different. Nope. Never again.

This past week we went back with the kids with the goal to do all 4 parks in one day. We usually take the kids to Magic Kingdom once a year (yes, we go to WDW without them most of the time) but we decided that this time they should enjoy the rest of the parks, but we didn’t have a lot of money to spend several days so we sped through all of it.

We had planned with rides we would do, about how long the lines would be, on which order of the parks should be done, and over all it was a great day!

11012782_10155820696660576_1519543329558106637_o 11222617_10155820697780576_8893408629215619894_o

11411755_10155820699220576_4686035988712712836_o 11794087_10155820711495576_4638132025355690532_o


These are the rides we did so we could do all of the parks in one day:

Animal Kingdom:

  • Expedition Everest
  • Kali River Rapids

Hollywood Studios:

  • Tower of Terror
  • Start Wars Tours


  • Spaceship Earth – While coming out of the ride we did some of the extra activities.
  • We also went around the world, but only stopped in France to have lunch.

Magic Kingdom:

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  • Splash Mountain

While at Magic Kingdom we also watched Celebrate The Magic and Wishes nighttime spectacular.


We are planning to go back with the kids during Christmas time since the parks are beautiful during this time. J and I will be back this weekend to have a date.



Plant Nanny

One of my goals about getting healthier is to drink more water. I truly enjoy drinking water, and when it comes to my options to quench my thirst 9 times out of 10 I pick water. However, life gets busy and I forget to drink as much as I should. Until now…

I found Plant Nanny on my app store and I love it so far.


You begin your adventure with a tiny little seed that will become a beautiful plant depending on how much water you drink. It asks you how much you weight and then it gives you a goal about how many ounces you must drink per day (take your weight, divided in half = the amount you should drink).


Plant nanny lets you customize the kind of container you drink out of and it lets you customize how many ounces you usually drink out of such container. What I love the most about the app is that it reminds you every hour or so (depending on your own choice) that you must drink your water.


At the end you end up with a beautiful plant that gives you seeds every 19 hours and you can spend them buying new pots for your plants, or backgrounds of your like.

Be healthy,


Weekend Inspiration


I have been ignoring something for quite a while and now I don’t know how much it will take to get it repaired.

My car is been making this noise. I am not sure what it is, but I know it isn’t good. I’ve been saying that I will take care of it, but I haven’t yet. I can probably blame it on money, but it’s mostly the fact that there have been other things that I wanted to do other than taking the car to the mechanic.

Tomorrow morning I am waking up early and taking it to get it checked, but I am afraid that it will be costly. Much more than what it could have been if I would have taken the car in when I should have.

Fixing the car is simple, it only costs money. Yes, yes, money is hard to earn and is even tougher to spend on something you don’t want to spend it in, but what if it was a friendship? A relationship?

This weekend my inspiration is to stop ignoring things that matter to me. The car matters because I cannot relay in public transportation to go places. I have to get it fixed. However, I also haven’t talked to my best friend in months… We need to fix this. I need to stop ignoring the fact that we are too caught up with other things that we don’t have time to work out our friendship.

Whatever it is that you may have been ignoring, and in the back of your head there is that little voice saying “You should pay attention to THAT” work on it. See what it is… and try to fix it. Things that need money to be fixed are easy to sort out… There are other things that may never be completely fine if you don’t pay attention to them.

Have a great weekend,


Wednesday Wishlist – 7.8.15

7.8.151. I really love Etsy, you just find the most unique things, like this beautiful skirt! On top of that the store has lots and lots of different fabric patterns and they are all great!

2. A little TMI, when I shave I get ingrown hairs. Come on, I know I’m not the only one. Well, this cool fix will prevent these issues and others that come with shaving.

3. The Small Backs of Children  is the last book that I added to my “to read” list.

4. I love blue! My favorite color is green, but I am very attracted to blue. So this Kendra Scott immediately caught my eye! It is absolutely stunning! (And it comes in other colors).

5. Like a good Floridian girl, I love flip-flops and sandals and these are perfect to wear during this time (and the rest of the year).

Anything on your wish list?

Be kind,


Workout – To Read & To Do


To read: If you’re planning to run a marathon at some point, you should read this article. (mimichatter.com)

To do: My arms that part of the body that I want to work out the most, because I am very self conscious of it. Here’s a great workout to target this part of your body. (stylemepretty.com & toneitup.com)

Let me know how you do!

Be kind,