5 Things About My Last 5K


Celebration Run – 7/4/15

I should have started earlier in life doing this.

I’m glad I started, though.

I really need to run more often.

I’m glad I stretched my IT band.

Pelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor exercises.

Be kind,



Que Bella Mask(s) – Review

Sunday evening we were walking around Target and like always we were looking around for things that Target has. A few months ago I got a face mask in my ipsy bag and my daughter begged me to let her try it; at the time I said no (because it was the only one I had) but I told her I would let her try one day… Fast forward to Sunday we stopped by the make up section  and she saw the skin related products and her eyes landed on these pretty packages:


What do you say when your little girl, who makes you cereal every morning, wants to spend time with you in the most girly way possible? “Grab a packet.”.

So we picked these two, the relaxing one for her and the deep cleansing one for me. I figured I wouldn’t have her try something that may affect her skin in a harsh way.

We headed home with our little packets, had dinner, cut up some cucumbers and settled for our at-home-spa-treatment.

IMG_20150628_202742As we laid on my bed for 15 minutes, listening to One Direction, and holding hands, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it is to have her… She was so quiet and happy. But I digress.

So I am not sure how the relaxing mask felt. She said it felt cool and itchy, but I think it was more related to the fact that she had something on her face that she wanted to mess with. Her mask had lavender oils, seaweed and Dead Sea mud. (read more here). Mine on the other hand, I bought it because I’ve been breaking out a lot and I don’t usually put on anything on my zits, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to try something that would help… And it did. It reduced the redness and any inflammation I had. Also, 4 days later I have not had any new breakouts. *knocks on wood*. My skin felt flawless afterwards and it also left it with a matte feeling, which I love (read about its ingredients here). Needless to say, I totally recommend them!

Each of these little packages is under $2 and there are different kinds which you can find at Target or Que Bella‘s website.



Start, Stop, Continue – July

Bye, bye, June… Hello July!

Here are some of the things I’ll be working on this month:

Start stop continue


  • I don’t think in the past 3 years I have cleaned the door frames around the house. The other night I was sitting on the couch looking straight to one of the frames and I saw dust. Of course I knew they would get dusty, but why didn’t I think about cleaning them?
  • When the year started the first thing I said is “I need to save for Christmas.”… Here we are 6 months later and I have not saved for it. I read somewhere that a good way to do so is buying gift cards, like Visa or Master Card, that way you can use them anywhere. I need to get to it, SOON.
  • Another one of those things that I think about it, and think about it, and it does not happen. I have to do it. I want to know if I would like it, instead of wondering about it.


  • I’m not saying I won’t binge, but what I won’t do is look for another show to binge. We used to not watch TV that much, but lately is been one after another, after another… I need time for other things.
  • So my car has this noise. I know it’s something, I just don’t know what it is, but I need to stop ignoring it. And get an oil change while I’m at it.
  • Every weekend, is a whole, do we have anything to do? What time do we have to be there? I need to stop. If it happens, it happens. If not, there’s nothing wrong with it.


  • She’s been asking for more of these, and I tend to tell her it will happen, but something else ends up happening. The other night, it finally happened and it was a great time. We definitely need more of this.
  • I’ve been working out at least 3 times a week lately, and I’ve felt great. Definitely continue and add more time to it.
  • I downloaded Plant Nanny and it’s a fun way to remember to drink the water that I need to drink.

Have a great July,


The Great Gatsby – Book Review

Growing up outside of the USA puts me in at a disadvantage when it comes to lots of things that I could relate to, but unless someone mentions it to me, I wouldn’t have an idea (bands, movies, books, you get the idea). It is not with everything, but certain things… Like The Great Gatsby.


It wasn’t part of my High School curriculum, like it is for most teenagers so I didn’t have the “pressure” to read it, or work on projects, or do any other kind of research. I just went to my local bookstore, and bough a copy (which unfortunately has the “now a major motion picture” label on it).

As small as it is, only 180 pages, it wasn’t an easy read for me. There was A LOT going on, lots of pointless conversations, lots of parties, lots of characters that will not be seen later on, etc. However when it got to just a few of the characters, and a specific event, it got really interesting and immediately picked up.

I can see why F. Scott Fitzgerald was so criticized when the book was published and why at the time it didn’t have a much influence as it does today. I can also see why it became the great novel that did. It’s about living the American dream, it’s about falling in love at the wrong time, and it’s about knowing that nothing it’s perfect.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Be kind,


Wednesday Wishlist – 6.24.15


1. If there is something I love are watches, but this one is so different that I just fell in love with it! The name of this Fossil is Curiosity, and it fits so well! You are definitely curious to see how it works, how it runs, and it’s just mesmerizing. Definitely worth it to have in a watch collection.

2. You’ll find out soon enough how much I love Disney. But Disney that you can wear? I love it even more! How about these beautiful Vans Authentics. I picked the ones that feature the Princesses, however there are different ones: Ariel, Jasmine, Donald Duck, Winnie The Pool. A great way to wear your Disney passion.

3. I cannot have enough lipsticks, and what better than lipstick and cheek coloring. This product is by RMS beauty and it comes in eight different colors. It isn’t a drug store buy, but I have read wonderful reviews about it.

4. Tulle, flowers, and a skirt. What could be more chic than this adorable skirt by Shabby Apple. Another great buy for date night.

5. I went full nerd when I saw this cutie! I never knew I wanted a plant so much until I saw it planted in a Triceratops. Very affordable, and just dorky and cute enough. I can’t wait to add this one to my Triceratops collection. (If you’d like a different kind of plant, the store owner would gladly help you with a costume plant.)

Be kind,


Inside Out – Review

Pixar Post - Inside Out Sneak Peek Character Lineup

Warning: This post has spoilers.
Congratulations Disney Pixar, you have made another movie that has made me cry.
Pixar has a way of making movies that even though their target is for children, can relate to both kids and adults.
Inside Out is the story about 11 year old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) who since the beginning has been very Joyfull about her life thanks to her little voice in her head Joy (Amy Poehler) who is pretty much the one in charge of her head. Joy is also accompained with other voices like Fear (Bill Hader), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) who help Riley make the right decision when they are needed, however most of the time Joy takes charge because she feels Riley needs to be happy.
Long story short, after a mishap with Sadness in which she touches one of Riley’s core memories which throws Riley’s personality off balance, Joy and Sadnes are forced out of Head Quarters to fix the issue with the core memories.
During this time Sadness and Joy meet other characters and Joy learns a very valuable lesson. It is impossible to be happy all the time. Sadness is as necessary as she is.
It’s right there where all adults go, this is as much of an adult movie as a children’s movie.
One, if you were a child, which I hope you still are, at some point in your life you went (and maybe going still) through circumstances that whether you wanted to make the best out of everything, you still couldn’t… And it is totally fine. Two, it helps children understand that same concept and watching it at a young age, makes it even better. Makes it more acceptable. And three, it’s accepting that while you may be sad, it is okay to be angry, be afraid, and maybe disgusted with some things.
Inside Out is still funny, still touching, but make sure you have tissues with you when you go watch it.

I hope you enjoy it,


Rocksbox – REVIEW

I think I may be late to the party, but I discovered Rocksbox this month and I am so excited! In case you don’t know, Rocksbox is a subscription box that will send you tree pieces of jewelry (a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet) for only $19. Once you have tried the pieces, you can either return them (and get a new box), or purchase them for a lower price than the actual retail price.

I got my first box this week, I wasn’t necessarily mesmerized by it, but it still had lovely pieces… Here’s a peek of my box and what I think of the pieces.


The pieces I got are very pretty, but they are very delicate. I think if I had a wedding or a fancy party to go to, I would have loved them a little more than I did, but I didn’t. I am not saying the pieces are bad, it’s just that I couldn’t appreciate them as much as I could have.


I got a beautiful pair of earrings by Kendra Scott. They are the Alex Silver Earrings in Slate. I think these beauties could be worn to a party or to work. They are definitely pretty. They had enough sparkle to make them suitable for any occasion. On Kendra Scott’s website these earrings are $65.00 and they come in multiple colors, however with Rocksbox they are $44.00.


The next piece is by Lotus Jewelry Studio. It’s the Petal Necklace in silver. I wasn’t very impressed by it. It is very delicate,but I thought it was missing something. I think if the petal was a leaf instead it would look much prettier and much more alluring than a petal. It just felt empty.This necklace is $58 on their website, but $44 for Rocksbox.


The last item I got was this gold bracelet. Very delicate, like the rest of the pieces. It’s great if used by itself, because if used in a whole arm party, it would get completely lost. This is the Gorjana Taner Loop Chain Bracelet in Gold (it also comes in Rose Gold). The price for Rocksbox insiders is $48 compared to the $60 in Gorjana’s.

Here are how the pieces looked when I wore them.


I’m packing these today and shipping them back. Let’s see how what I get on the next box.

If you’d like to try out Rocksbox for one month free follow this link and enter the code MONICABFF163.

Be kind,


Weekend Inspiration


Last night I shared with my kids a movie that left me with memories for life, Jurassic Park. Obviously the Jurassic World craze influenced in my decision of having a movie night in the middle of the week, but we also made it special eating IMG_20150611_184144dinosaur chicken nuggets (eat dinosaurs while you watch dinosaurs eat people). While we were watching the movie I kept thinking about how much the movie meant to me at the time. It was a way to fall in love with dinosaurs (in case you missed it, I love Triceratops), to be scared of them, but also to wonder how it would be to just walk around with them. The movie impacted my imagination a lot.

My weekend inspiration is to share with your little ones those things in your childhood that made a difference. To take them to places that made a difference to you, to play with them those childhood games that may not be popular anymore, to watch movies that made an impact in your life when you were younger. Make those memories come back to you, and make new memories for and with them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Be kind,


Kate Idol Eyes – Review

I am definitely an Earth tones kind of girl, and even though I do not mind trying out colors, I am not experienced with them… Until these pretty little “sticks”.


They are made by Rimmel London, and they are designed by Kate Moss. Technically they are eye-shadow in the shape of a pencil, so it makes it really easy to use as regular shadow all over your eyelid, or as a thicker eye liner. I have used them as both, and I love the eyeliner look. I usually apply it like I would with a regular pencil, then apply a thinner black line over it. It makes it truly pop!


This beauty comes in multiple colors, Gold Rose, Pure Turquoise (both shown), Deep Amethyst, and Electric Saphire. Rimmel also has a different set of eye shadow sticks called “Scandal Eyes” in 15 different shades, that I have not tried, but I believe they work the same.


Have you tried these? What did you think?

Be happy,